Download Piano Tiles 2 for Mobile

Piano Tiles 2, also known as “Don’t Touch The White Tile 2” is a game available for free on mobile phones that is very hot in the mobile gaming market today. Currently Piano Tiles 2 has been released on Android and iOS phones.

piano tiles 2 download

If you have ever played music game apps or tinkered around at an actual piano, it will be no surprise to you that it requires skill to navigate a keyboard well.

As you can see, Piano Tiles 2 is a music game with interactive gameplay and simple game style. Players only need to use two fingers of each hand to play on the black music bars that fall on the accents of the song you have chosen. You can earn as many points as possible by correctly pushing the right keys. Depending on the rhythm of the song, the speed and size of the bars will change randomly, so you need to be quick in controlling the hands and eyes to play.

piano tiles 2 game

In addition, the game also has a wealth of excellent piano music in its library to help you feel like you are playing on a real piano; in addition, the sampling of high quality audio is a nice and very professional touch to the game.

Along with the great background sounds and stunning colors and vivid, eye-catching interface, Piano Tiles 2 also allows you to use your Facebook account to log in and help synchronize with your friends to compete on your piano playing prowess.

You can engage in some pretty tough and competitive circles of friends and communities if you choose to participate in Piano Tiles 2 competitions.

Currently there are many young people who have organized contests to compete in the high score challenges by playing Piano Tiles 2.

Have fun downloading this game on your mobile phone and competing with your friends!